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Affordable Counseling would like to know what the readers want to hear about. We are a counseling center and we would be happy to offer information on the subjects of counseling, relationships, anxiety, depression, and really anything mental health related. So we want to hear from you! Let us know what topics you think are most important and we will tailor a blog just for your request!

Happy Monday, we hope everyone has a great week!

Parenting Skills Offered

Affordable Counseling offers help with parenting skills…

We teach and demonstrate effective parenting skills and techniques that will help you to break through the communication barriers that may be undermining your authority in the home.

Either parent may be inadvertently feeding into the fever of non-compliance, triangulation, manipulation, arguments, willfulness, poor academic status, school referrals, poor peer selection, and other problems you may be facing with your adolescent or child.

While we believe that the luckiest children are those who have grandparents and other extended family involvement, we also address parenting concerns and boundary issues, stemming from meddling or any staying extended family members – including the often dreaded “in-laws.”

We understand the excitement and challenges that come with blended families as well, and want to help you to help each other make adjustments to the changes that occur when two families join under one roof.

Employee Profile: Matt Donovan


Matt Donovan has been working at affordable counseling since we started our practice. Matt is currently pursuing his MA in Rehabilitative Mental Health Counseling at the University of South Florida here in Tampa. Matt has experience with all age groups, and specializes working with individuals that have symptoms of anxiety and/ or depression. Matt also has experience working with teens and young adults with phase of life issues.
Matt is an avid hockey player and referee for the local recreational hockey league. He enjoys spending time with his family and friends as well. We are so happy to have Matt as a part of our great counseling team!
For more information about affordable counseling services, and the rest of our staff, visit our website at

Coping With Cancer

cancerAs most of you know, October is breast cancer awareness month. We all see the streets and stores filled with pink and quotes such as, “Save the Tata’s” are pinned on bracelets and t-shirts nationwide. Cancer and its treatments can take a huge toll on the body, and also on the mind. The psychological effects of cancer are nothing to ignore. Imagine that the doctor gives you 6-12 months to live and all of the sudden your whole life flashes before your eyes. Empathy is a real challenge for loved ones of the cancer patient, because often these loved ones are going through a struggle of their own. Just as cancer can spread through and take over a body, it has a way of spreading through a family system as well.
Different people may react to the diagnosis differently. Some research shows that those who were in denial about their diagnosis and those with a positive attitude about treatment had more positive outcomes than those who continued to feel helpless or hopeless about their diagnosis. Some psychological effects of a cancer diagnosis can include depression, anxiety, and significant distress for the patient and the family members.
Counseling is a great option for families and individuals dealing with a cancer diagnosis. It may be able to help promote a decrease in helplessness for the patient, and can encourage family members to play a supportive and empathetic role. For more information about the psychological effects of cancer and tips for family members visit the American Cancer Society’s link below.

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The Dreaded In-laws.

InLawsWe all have heard of, and some have even experienced, the stereotypical over-involved in laws. The mother in-law that tells you how to raise your children, or criticizes the way you do things, but not necessarily outward behaviors. Rather passive aggressive attacks seem to be the method of choice. Let us not forget to include the distant father-in-law who nothing is good enough for. The one who stays distant from the family, or if he is close tends to make scouring faces of disappointment at every turn.
While this may not be your in-laws exactly, many people have complaints about their spouse’s parents. But what can be done to deal with this problem? Well, it depends on where you stand in a lot of places, and also how extreme the problem may be. However, a great response to any relational issue is….. BOUNDARIES! Setting boundaries can be an exceptional way to help the relationship between you and your in-laws. While setting boundaries, there are two components that are essential: freedom and consequences. People must have the freedom to make decisions and choices on their own accord. However, if the decision and behavior does not follow the boundaries agreed upon by both parties, there have to be consequences that follow. Be cautious, as consequences are not the same as punishment. You can’t stick your mother-in-law in the corner because she gave your hyper child some skittles. However, you can make a decision based on your child’s best interest that sends a message how you will be keeping boundaries on things that are important to you. Remember your goal. You are not trying to hurt or punish your in-laws, but rather to keep the relationship well and healthy. Be consistent, clear, but also be considerate!
Another key point is your relationship to your spouse. It is important for the husband/wife, partners, mother/father to be bonded and communicate these types of issues. Boundaries with in-laws, or even parents will not work if the two parties setting the boundaries are not on the same page.
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