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Working Out Benefits Your Mental Wellness


Many people are aware of the physical benefits of exercise. Regular, daily exercise is can help with many physical health problems such as high blood pressure, diabetes, and may reduce strain on the body placed by additional weight. But there are many other positive benefits of exercise as well. Looking at things from a very holistic perspective, exercise can help your mind, body and spirit in equally important ways.

A recent study by Harvard Men’s Health Watch agrees with us on this one. Exercise can reduce stress, anxiety and even depression. Take a look at the link below…

Although there is little time to fit in daily cardio, it may be something important on your priorities list. Often times we see little immediate payoff from working out, and sometimes we are just looking to lose weight. This type of thinking can lead to frustration and may even result in quitting sooner than later. We have to know that our bodies and minds are thanking us when we utilize them in the right ways. One thing you can do to track your mood improvement is to keep a journal. Journaling your daily mood over time may be helpful to see the long term benefits to exercies even if you aren’t seeing immediate physical results. Its a lifestyle change that you have to make habitual, but the payoff is so great in the end!

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