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Monthly Archives: December 2014

New Year, New Goals, New Start

As the new year gets closer people to tend to reflect on the events that occurred over the past year both good and bad. Its during this time of reflection that many think about the resolutions that they made the previous year and failed to stick to. This year instead of just making resolutions, make a plan that you will put into action. It is easy to say, “Starting January 1st I am going to start doing BLANK….” Do something to make it happen! Make a list of goals and steps to complete your goal. Having a goal is usually not enough. Having a plan that you put into to action is what makes you meet your goal.

Many people see the new year as a fresh start. Do something good for yourself and set up goals with achievable steps so you can continue to see that you making steps toward accomplishing whatever you are trying to accomplish.

You can achieve your goals and if you need help along the way either identifying your goals or making a plan to achieve them call 813-260-8892 or visit

Winter Blues or Depression

As the weather changes so does your mood. It is important that you listen to your body. It is easy to develop the winter blues. Here are some signs that your winter blues may actually be depression.

1) Depressed mood.

2) Diminished enjoyment or interest in activities that were previously enjoyable.

3) Lack of energy.

4) Loss of appetite.

5) Suicidal thoughts.

Some goals to combat depression are to:

1) Recognize, accept, and cope with your feelings of depression.

2) Develop healthy relationships with others that help prevent the relapse of depression symptoms.

3) Develop healthy thoughts and beliefs about yourself that help alleviate your depressive symptoms and prevent the relapse of depression symptoms.

Communication Difficulties

As the holidays approach, families come together, and communication difficulties can emerge. Here are some difficulties that commonly occur:

1) Family members experience arguments and misinterpretations frequently.

2) Positive comments and affirmations occur rarely or not expressed at all.

3) Family members interrupt or talk over each other frequently.

4) Many times miscommunication occurs.

Some goals to combat these difficulties are:

1) to identify the problem areas of communication.

2) Gradually discuss particularly volatile topics with reduced tension and conflict.

3) Improve and increase the number of positive verbal comments.

To learn more about how to improve communication visit or call 813-244-1251 to set up an appointment! 

Take a positive approach to relationship difficulties

Every couple has times of stress and difficulties instead of looking at in a negative way, try and see it in a new light.

If you have been begrudged, forgive.

If you have torn down each other, repair.

If you have injured another, help each other to heal.

If there is a conflict, find a compromise.

If you have judged, pardon.

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