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Monthly Archives: May 2016

Memorial Day

Remember today why we celebrate Memorial Day, Lest not forget those who gave their lives for their country and our freedoms.

Remember those who have fought in the war on terrorism and came back with mental health issues like depression, stress and PTSD.

Remember our fore fathers who started our great nation and the sacrifices the men and women made leading up to and after the Revolutionary war.

Remember the soldiers who invaded Normandy and Utah beach in 1944 and lost their lives not knowing the outcome of the war.


C.S. Belle

C.S. Belle has published Therapy in Action With Troubled Kids. It is now available in paper back in all of the book stores. This is a must read book for Teachers, Day Care Workers, DCF Employee’s, Therapists, Child Psychologists, Parents and anyone who has or works with children. This book is very insightful and intuitive and comes from Clarissa’s experience as a therapist working in corrections, Juvenile Detention Center’s and child and family therapy.

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