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At Affordable Counseling Center in Tampa Fl & Brandon Fl. we help children of divorce understand what is happening to them and how to cope with their parents getting divorced. 

General children divorce statistics

  • 50% of all North-American children will witness the divorce of their parents. Almost half of them will also see the breakup of a parent’s second marriage. (Furstenberg and others -Life Course-)
  • One out of 10 children of divorce experiences three or more parental marriage breakups. (Gallagher -The Abolition of Marriage)
  • 40% of children growing up in America today are being raised without their fathers. (Wade, Horn and Busy, -Fathers, Marriage and Welfare Reform, Hudson Institute Executive Briefing, 1997)
  • 50% of all the children born to married parents today, will experience the divorce of their parents before they are 18 years old. (Fagan, Fitzgerald, Rector, -The Effects of Divorce On America-)

Emotional Damage Statistics

  • Studies in 1980 – 1981 uncovered that children in repeat divorces got lower results at school. The other children of their age rated them as less pleasant to be around. (Andrew J. Cherlin, -Marriage, Divorce, Remarriage– Harvard University Press 1981)
  • Teenage children of divorce are three times more likely (35% instead of 13%) to need psychological help within a given year. (Peter Hill – Recent Advances in Selected Aspects of Adolescent Development- Journal of Child Psychology and Psychiatry 1993)
  • Children from divorced homes have more psychological problems, than children from which one of the parents has died. (Robert E. Emery,- Marriage, Divorce and Children’s Adjustment- Sage Publications, 1988).

Physical Damage Statistics

  • Between children of divorced parents there are relatively more cases of injury, asthma, headaches and speech defects than among children whose parents have remained married. (Dawson -Family Structure and Children’s Health and Well Being- National Health Interview Survey on Child Health, Journal of Marriage and Family)
  • Children of divorced parents are fifty percent more likely to develop health problems than children in two parent families. (Angel, Worobey, -Single Motherhood and Children’s Health -)
  • Children that are living with both biological parents are 20 to 35 percent physically healthier than children from broken homes. (Dawson,-Family Structure and Children’s Health and Well-being -Journal of Marriage and the Family-)
  • Most molestated childs come from single-parent households or are the children of drug users. (Los Angles Times 16 September 1985 The Garbage Generation)
  • A child in a female-headed home is 10 times more likely to be physically hurt or murdered. (The Legal Beagle, July 1984, -The Garbage Generation)

Long term Effects and Children Divorce Statistics

  • In 1991 a study was done of children from which the parents were divorced six years earlier. The study found that even after all that time, these children tended to be lonely, unhappy, anxious and insecure. (Wallerstein – The Long-Term Effects of Divorce on Children -Journal of the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry 1991)
  • Seventy percent of long-term prison inmates grew up in broken homes. (Horn, Bush, -Fathers, Marriage and Welfare Reform-)

Problems relating to peers

  • Children divorce statistics indicate that children of divorced parents are four times more likely to report relational problems with peers and friends than children whose parents have kept their marriages intact. (Tysse, Burnett, -Moral Dilemmas of Early Adolescents of Divorced and Intact Families-. Journal of Early Adolescence 1993)
  • Children of divorce tend to be more aggressive toward others. This is especially the case for boys. (Emery, Marriage, Divorce and Children’s Adjustment, 1988)

Suicide statistics of Children of Divorce

  • (Adult) children of divorce are almost twice as likely to attempt suicide than children from normal homes. (Velez-Cohen, – Suicidal Behavior and Ideation in a Community Sample of Children -Journal of the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry 1988)

High School drop out statistics of children and divorce

  • The high school dropout rate of children of divorced parents is roughly two times higher than that of children of which the parents did not divorce. (McLanahan, Sandefur, -Growing Up With a Single Parent: What Hurts, What Helps- Harvard University Press 1994)


Divorce Facts

Being aware of divorce facts will be helpful for parents to prevent a divorce or to make the best out of a divorce once it takes place. Knowing what to expect takes away a lot of the stress that results from a divorce.

Divorce Statistics

For divorce statistics the divorce rate is the most relevant figure. Next to the divorce rate of all the OECD countries, we provide you with information on the number of marriages, the duration of the marriages and the average age of when people marry for the first time. All these factors influence the divorce rates.

Have A Cup Of Coffee…Or Two.


Why, you ask? Because coffee can be a pretty amazing thing for your brain, your skin and your body.

Here is why you should wake up and have a cup of Joe every day:

  • Just smelling the coffee can make you less stressed.  Researchers have found that the aroma of coffee lowers stress levels.
  • Coffee lessens the symptoms of Parkinson’s Disease. Not only does it help those with Parkinson’s control their movements, but people are also less likely to develop the disease.
  • Coffee can make you feel happier. The reason behind the happiness coffee provides? The antioxidants we get from it.
  • Less likely to be depressed. A study found that those who drank 4 or more cups of coffee a day were 10 percent less likely to be depressed.
  • Lower levels of suicide. Drinking between 2 and 4 cups of coffee a day reduces the risk of suicide by about 50 percent. Coffee acts as a mild antidepressant by aiding in the production of neurotransmitters like serotonin, dopamine, and noradrenaline.
  • Coffee helps keep your brain healthier for longer. Moderate coffee consumption can reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s or delay the onset. Coffee allows your brain t work in a more efficient and smarter way.

Coffee is pretty awesome, so drink up!

Affordable Counseling Center Brandon Florida and Tampa Florida

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Communication Issues

Communication issues may potentially develop in any circumstance or social relationship. It can be easy for individuals to misunderstand or misinterpret others, and these misunderstandings may lead to arguments or tension in personal, platonic, or professional relationships. In some instances, conflicts may arise, and these conflicts can make communication even more challenging.

A number of factors may contribute to communication challenges between two or more parties. Differences of opinion may lead to disagreements between friends or coworkers, and this can contribute to communication difficulties. Those who seek counseling for relationship concerns may frequently cite communication issues as a reason for seeking treatment. Affordable Counseling Center Brandon Florida and Tampa Florida.


These strategies can be used equally effectively by both men and women, although some are traditionally more popular among one gender than the other. Most of these methods are commonly used, but you may find some that you haven’t come across. Feel free to try them out and add spice to everyday life by adding a touch of floating resentment and silent fury.

1. Don’t listen to them. There’s nothing your partner enjoys less than getting the impression that they are not important enough to be attended to properly. Pretend you’re listening instead by making eye-contact and with attentive body language, but make sure you are thinking about something else entirely, such as “when is she or he going to stop talking so I can get back to much more important matters, ie me.”

2. Make it clear that your work takes priority at all times. Respond to complaints about your distance or lack of involvement with the family with, “Well, someone’s got to pay the bills” or “Money doesn’t grow on trees, you know.”

3. When you do the chores that you normally can’t be bothered to do, always expect to be applauded for your wonderfulness. Don’t quite do them properly – just do enough to claim credit.

4. Invite the cat to sleep in bed and to wake your partner at 5am by sharpening its claws on the bedside table.

5. Constantly yell at them, and belittle them, minimize whatever they say or do, blame them for everything wrong in YOUR life, accuse them of doing things they did not do. Do not ever stop doing this, just keep doing it more and more. Then when they are fed up with it and can’t take it no more and explode on you, blame them for being aggressive and out of control.

Of course we do not want you to do this, but if you are experiencing this then call Star Point Counseling Center Brandon Fl. and Tampa Fl. We do marriage counseling, couples counseling, family counseling and teen and children counseling.

Why men don’t want to do Marriage Counseling

Usually the wife calls a therapist to make an appointment for marriage counseling. Then she tells her husband they have an appointment for marriage counseling with a therapist. He balks, complains and is resistant to going, making excuses and sometimes an argument will ensue from her making the appointment.  Most men feel the therapist will blame them for everything and make them change their behavior.  Some men feel a female therapist with be gender biased and blame him for everything wrong in the marriage. In some cases with some therapists this may be true due to the therapist’s past relationship experiences ( this does not make for a good therapist). Some men will resist because they are afraid some truth may come out, like an affair or substance abuse. Here at Affordable Counseling in Brandon Fl and Tampa Fl we will not hire a therapist who we feel is gender biased.  We see it all the time, the couple comes in for marriage counseling and the husband is either wide eyed or very quiet. They are having a little anxiety just walking in the door. After the session for marriage counseling the guy’s are a lot more relaxed and on board with marriage counseling. This is when they realize it is not all their fault, most of the time it is both of their faults and both of their behavior is the reason they are having trouble and seeking marriage counseling.  At Affordable Counseling in Brandon Fl. and Tampa Fl. we help a lot of couples with marriage counseling and couples counseling. None of our therapists are gender biased and we teach the couples skills and tools to improve their relationship. We never take sides and mediate an argument and say who is right or wrong.

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