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These strategies can be used equally effectively by both men and women, although some are traditionally more popular among one gender than the other. Most of these methods are commonly used, but you may find some that you haven’t come across. Feel free to try them out and add spice to everyday life by adding a touch of floating resentment and silent fury.

1. Don’t listen to them. There’s nothing your partner enjoys less than getting the impression that they are not important enough to be attended to properly. Pretend you’re listening instead by making eye-contact and with attentive body language, but make sure you are thinking about something else entirely, such as “when is she or he going to stop talking so I can get back to much more important matters, ie me.”

2. Make it clear that your work takes priority at all times. Respond to complaints about your distance or lack of involvement with the family with, “Well, someone’s got to pay the bills” or “Money doesn’t grow on trees, you know.”

3. When you do the chores that you normally can’t be bothered to do, always expect to be applauded for your wonderfulness. Don’t quite do them properly – just do enough to claim credit.

4. Invite the cat to sleep in bed and to wake your partner at 5am by sharpening its claws on the bedside table.

5. Constantly yell at them, and belittle them, minimize whatever they say or do, blame them for everything wrong in YOUR life, accuse them of doing things they did not do. Do not ever stop doing this, just keep doing it more and more. Then when they are fed up with it and can’t take it no more and explode on you, blame them for being aggressive and out of control.

Of course we do not want you to do this, but if you are experiencing this then call Star Point Counseling Center Brandon Fl. and Tampa Fl. We do marriage counseling, couples counseling, family counseling and teen and children counseling.

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