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Couples Counseling Tampa, Fl. & Brandon, Fl.

It has many names: couples counseling, relationship counseling, marriage counseling, premarital counseling, re-marital counseling, and others.

The fact is that couples come to counseling for many reasons.

  • Frequent arguments
  • Loss of emotional or sexual spark
  • Infidelity
  • Feeling taken for granted
  • Not feeling “heard” or respected
  • Pre-marital counseling
  • Maintaining civility in divorce

These and other common issues often respond well to couples counseling.

In addition to specific issues, most couples benefit from improved communication and conflict-management skills. Learning to shortcut arguments, to listen respectfully, to voice one’s real needs, to express respect and appreciation… Skills like these break many apparent logjams. They save marriages and relationships.

It’s common that one person in a relationship wants counseling but believes “My partner would never agree to that.” Surely it is helpful to have both partners come to counseling for any relationship. But it only takes one to change the relationship or the marriage. Time and again a partner has been surprised to discover that far from being helpless, he or she actually had the power to change the whole relationship just by changing his or her own actions and reactions. It’s also common for a reluctant partner to refuse to come at first but later to decide that he or she doesn’t want to be “left out” of the counseling.

Couples counseling has the power to…

  • End chronic arguments
  • Recover intimacy
  • Restore trust
  • Rebuild respect and appreciation
  • Get your needs met

Couples counseling is not only about solving problems. We work to strengthen the foundations of the relationship, rediscover the positives that brought you together in the first place, and create new habits that build up rather than undermine the relationship. A couple with strong positives is resilient against stress and setbacks.

It’s not unusual for “graduates” of successful couples counseling to report that their relationship is not just “back to the good old days” but better than those good old days.

Many people regard a healthy love relationship to be life’s most valuable asset. Few things are so important to long-term health and happiness. What else in our lives could be more deserving of the best we can give? Call it couples counseling, relationship counseling, marriage counseling, or anything else — sometimes counseling is the best thing we can give to our relationship or our marriage.

All couples are welcome at Star Point Counseling Center in Tampa, Fl. & Brandon, Fl.

Psychotherapy in Tampa Fl. & Brandon Fl.

Marriage Counseling Tampa Fl. & Brandon Fl. or Couples Therapy in Brandon Fl. & Tampa Fl. is known as a type of psychotherapy that assists couples with identifying and resolving conflicts that may be damaging the relationship. If you are a couple struggling to keep your marriage on track, it is a good idea to consider seeking professional counseling. It is common for both partners to attend the marriage counseling sessions.

There are, however, occasions in which one person will seek or choose to attend counseling alone. Through therapy, the individual or couples can gain a better understanding about how to communicate with each other. It also allows the partners to examine what role each plays in the issues surrounding their problems.

At Affordable Counseling Center in Brandon Fl. & Tampa Fl. the sessions will provide the couple to create an environment which will help strengthen their bond. Another goal of therapy is to help couples find health ways to strengthen.


Conflict in a relationship is completely natural…

At Affordable Counseling Center in Brandon Fl & Tampa Fl we find that our clients relationships can be difficult to maintain. You get tired having the same arguments over and over without resolution. Or the arguments change but you end up with the same pattern; you work it out, but then days or weeks later you’re back in the same rut. Or you don’t argue but are merely co-existing. Work. Eat. Parent. Rinse and repeat.
And you haven’t had sex in months.
Normal life stressors can cause chaos and bring out deep rooted patterns that negatively impact each other. You may have settled into a comfortable relationship, but often take each other for granted. You forget to make each other a priority. Life transitions like the birth of a baby, the death of an elderly parent, or an empty nest can add to your tension. You don’t always support one another as well as you could, and fears and anxieties get in the way.
At Affordable Counseling in Tampa Fl. & Brandon Fl. our Therapists will teach you skills and tools to overcome these issues.


As incredible as life is, it is not without its challenges. While some of those challenges are beyond our control, many are the outcome of the path we chose.

We all make bad choices and pursue wrong avenues. We all find ourselves in unfulfilling relationships and lack luster careers. At one point or another, we are all unkind to ourselves. Our thoughts take us to negative places, where depression, anxiety and feelings of being overwhelmed take over.

Usually people seek out therapy when they are having a hard time managing it alone. Its one of those things that we resist, convinced that we can work it out ourselves. Most of the times we do work it out, but often we accrue baggage along the way, forming habits and patterns that over time can lead us to places of dissatisfaction and unhappiness. Deciding to seek out therapy is not easy. There could be fear, apprehension, uncertainty and maybe even a little hope, that this may be the right place to help you in figuring it all out. Whether its relationship related issues, or more individual issues motivating you, therapy can help.

It is a chunk of weekly time solely focused on you. Whether you use that time to let off steam about the pressures of the job and life or use it to examine your choices and behaviors, this time spent on you is an investment. Therapy can be life altering in helping you get what you want. It is a process and takes time, but with motivation and determination to fix what isn’t working, usually comes positive change.

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