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Monthly Archives: February 2020

Your Mental Health Matters!

It’s time to move on to the next chapter in your life and finally get the freedom you deserve. Freedom from outside noise. Freedom from others’ ideas and expectations. Freedom to love your life and live it the way you were meant to – connected to your purpose, family, and work. It’s time to go the distance. You don’t get do-overs in life. So long as your heart is beating, you owe it to yourself, your creator/the universe, and to those who’ve made a difference in your life to finally own your life and sit in the driver’s seat again. This is my invitation to you. My way of saying, “We’re in it together!” Get rid of stress, burn-out, and self-doubts by removing all past and current baggage – quickly – to go beyond short-term fixes and create unbelievable, life-altering transformations. Reconnect with your authentic purpose and create meaningful, satisfying relationships (including a transformed relationships with yourself). Finally feel in control again. Create a life that once seemed out of reach. Gain the confidence, clarity, and conviction required to live your best life. Learn how to feel in control again with our talented therapists at Star Point Counseling Center and Affordable Counseling Center of Brandon and Tampa Florida,

What to Expect in Marriage and Couples Therapy

The path of loving can sometimes be difficult. Even the most devoted partners have conflicts from time to time. A compassionate therapist with experience in helping couples can be an invaluable resource for your relationship.

Persons seek the support of therapy for many reasons, ranging from relief from anxiety and depression, to difficulties in creating and sustaining their relationships with others, to fears of expressing themselves authentically and trusting others. Some seek the assistance of therapy to understand reoccurring anger or conflicts with their loved ones. Others seek the help of therapy to develop new ways of responding to circumstances that have been habitually problematic, to develop more capacity for intimacy and to experience more contentment and joy in their lives.

One of the strengths of a good therapist is to have an ability to help create an atmosphere in which even persons wary about the process of therapy can begin to safely explore their psychological and emotional lives and their relationships to themselves and others, whatever their goals.

Whether you are seeking therapy to understand and accept yourself more fully, address difficulties in your relationship, marriage or family, recover from the aftermaths of trauma or abuse or live your life with more freedom, ease or well-being, rest assured that Affordable Counseling Center of Tampa and Brandon Florida is poised to help you achieve whatever goals you have for therapy in a relaxed and comfortable environment. Here, we offer a safe space for all to come, free of judgement, for a life changing therapeutic experience.

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