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Change Can Be Difficult, Therapy Doesn’t Have To

At times, we all develop ineffective patterns of behavior, some of which are unconscious & keep us from solving problems & being the best we can be. Things happen in life that seem to throw us off our game, or set us back a bit, so to speak. Emotional flexibility is the key to a happier, healthier more complete life. The goal is to help you resolve whatever difficulties are keeping you from living a more authentic, joyful & fulfilled life with yourself, your spouse or partner, or your family. Couples counseling, or marriage and family therapy can be helpful in resolving a number of issues while helping to bring each individual involved a sense of awareness and midfulness with the tools we as therapists help provide to take with you and practice outside of the therapeutic session.

Relationship and family counseling offers you a place to process these kinds of life changes, allowing you to express your concerns while maintaining emotional safety.  Therapy is about creating a safe space that allows for emotional expression from  partners while guiding the communication in a way that helps all hear and process those messages from each other with less defensiveness and increased empathy.

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