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Stress overload, defined as excessive amounts and types of demands that require action, is a human response that is experienced as a problem and contributes to the development of other problems.


  1. Anxiety or panic attacks.
  2. A feeling of being constantly pressured, hassled and hurried.
  3. Irritability and moodiness.
  4. Physical symptoms, such as stomach problems, headaches, or even chest pain.
  5. Problems sleeping.
  6. Long list, little time

It is crucial to be aware of your stress overload because it can affect your energy levels, relationship with others, mood, and performance in a work environment.

Having stress overload can affect health conditions as well.


  1. EXCERISE- Yoga is a great way to relax the mind, body and soul.
  2. BALANCE NUTRITION- when you turn to unhealthy habits, it can lead to feeling sluggish and lazy. Making sure to maintain a well balanced meal, aids in energy.
  3. TAKE A BREAK- When work is stressing you out, take a break and go enjoy some time with loved ones. However, don’t get too carried away. The work is still there!
  4. TALK ABOUT YOUR PROBLEMS- It is important to be able to vent when needed and to find ways to manage such high levels.

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