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Let’s talk about depression 

Depression causes the feeling of sadness or emptiness for a long period of time. In severe cases, it can lead to suicide.

According to research, “One in 10 adults report experiencing depression.”

Common symptoms of depression:

-Getting too much or too little sleep
-Changes in weight
-Feelings of worthlessness 
-Difficulty enjoying activities

Depression is not a sign of weakness. Dealing with depression, causes person to put in more effort just to get through the day. It definitely takes patience in trying to understand someone else’s struggles. However, it is not impossible.

Depression. Is not forever. If you want to start therapy immediately, you can start at Starpoint counseling center located in Tampa, fl and Brandon, fl

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Being a Young Adult

The young adult period is characterized by rapid physiological, sexual, cognitive, and emotional changes. The transition from adolescent to adult becomes apparent as one completes the process of physical maturation.

 Some young adults may find their entry into adult responsibilities overwhelming or confusing, though they may still enjoy the experience. This overwhelm and confusion, along with rapid changes in biological, psychological, and social development, may help contribute to the development of major depression, the rates of which are shown to increase for this age group.

Stepping out into the real world can be an easy transition for some, while challenging for others as mentioned before. When a young adult is being faced with societal expectations, it can lead to troublesome thoughts. Thus, causing anxiety.

The transition to adulthood can develop slowly due to the broad options a person may have. For example, school selections, career choices and other expectations that can influence a decision.

That pressure will definitely affect a young adults mental health and if it becomes too much to handle all at once, therapy is recommended.

At Star Point counseling center, a therapist can help young adults identify and alter negative thought patterns and feelings and work towards personal goals. In therapy, young adults will also typically be encouraged to develop and connect with their support system.


People with compulsive spending or also know as oniomania often invest excessive time and resources to shop. They may not know what need they are trying to fill, but the compulsion to buy is still strong. 

Compulsive spending is a mental state, however it is treatable.

How to be aware of compulsive spending:

  • obsess over shopping
  • Being unable to cut back in shopping
  • Buying so much it takes a toll on other responsibilities 
  • Shopping to improve mood

Research has shown that extroverts are more than likely to deal with compulsive spending because it enhances the social status.

The truth about compulsive shoppers

These people often use shopping an emotion-regulation strategy. They may shop to reduce negative feelings or to enhance and prolong positive ones. It is equivalent to getting a sense of euphoria when spending and dealing with the guilt later.

Although compulsive spending is addicting, it can also lead to hoarding.  For this reason, therapy is recommended. If you or a loved one is struggling with shopping addiction, give star point counseling center a try- located in Tampa, fl and Brandon, fl.

Disruptive Mood Dysregulation

Disruptive Mood Dysregulation (DMDD) is most likely to occur during childhood stage. It involves frequent irritability and temper tantrum’s that affect one’s life on a day to day basis. If a child is showing signs of DMDD, they are likely to express their frustration through yelling or physically with aggression.


If a child has shown irritability and anger for more than a year without explanation, there can be a problem. As well as showing those emotions during school, at home and or socially.

Disruptive Mood Dysregulation (DMDD)

In DMDD, the mood issue persists over the span of many months. Over time, the behavior will become very defiant and argumentative. To minimize that problem, therapy is always suggested.

At Star point Counseling Center, therapy can teach those with DMDD how to deal with thoughts and feelings that contribute to outbursts and mood issues. We want your child to be able to express themselves in a judge free environment.


Emotional abuse is a form of mental abuse that occurs when one person subjects another one to harmful, degrading, belittling, and derogatory words and or actions.

Dealing with emotional abuse is really difficult to handle on your own, however, it is not impossible. Those who show signs of abuse, should definitely reach out for guidance.

Untreated emotional abuse can lead to emotional trauma, anxiety disorder, depression and or PTSD.

Recognizing Emotional Abuse in Young People


With emotional abuse, it is common to not see bruising, scars, bumps or other wounds. Paying close attention to changes in behavior is key because the damage is just as bad as physical abuse.

At Star point Counseling center, our goal is to get to the root of the maltreatment and to help the victim identify unhealthy mindsets and behaviors. For example, making excuses for the abuser.

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Almost everyone occasionally engages in narcissistic behavior, however, Narcissism is excessive self-involvement that causes a person to ignore the needs of others.

5 Toxic Subtypes of Narcissism | Psychology Today

For those who experience Narcissistic personality disorder (NPD,) they usually have personalities characterized be intense self-involvement and disregard for others.


  • Preoccupation with fantasies of extreme success, power, or fame.
  • Constant need for admiration and affirmation.
  • A strong sense of entitlement.
  • Envy of others, particularly their achievements, or belief that others should envy them.
  • Belief that they are special or unique.

– Attention seeking
– Entitlement
– Approval-seeking

Therapy can help with narcissism. At Star Point Counseling center, The right therapist can support a person with NPD to understand the effects of their condition and steadily move toward healthier behaviors.

Body Image

What is considered a healthy body image?

A healthy body image is means you are comfortable with the body you have. You don’t have to feel your body is perfect, however, accepting, loving and caring for yourself does.


What we see on social media, television, magazines and other media can have an impact on how people view their image. The messages displayed can be harmful to someone because the standards that are painted, are either very costly or unrealistic.

Did you know?

“Around 80% of women in America are dissatisfied with their bodies. Meanwhile, 34% of men have low body image.”

What causes body image problems?

  • Peer pressure from friends, family, or other peers
  • Social anxiety
  • Depression
  • Constant self-consciousness

Signs of body image disturbance

  • Pre occupation with bodily appearance
  • Strange eating disorders
  • Drastic changes in appearance
  • Drastic changes in personality
  • New priorities

If you are struggling with body image issues or low self-esteem, Therapy can offer support and compassion. Everyone deserves to feel great and confident about themselves. At Star point Counseling Center you can get help without judgment.


Are you experiencing major changes all at once? Well, whether it is with marriage, becoming an empty nester, moving, starting a new family and or receiving a big job offer, it can all be overwhelming and stressful.

Even difficult changes can help a person grow because it can make one stronger, confident and prepared for what’s next in the chapter.

For those that may struggle coping with change, it can cause
– Depression
– Anxiety
– Headaches
– An altered circadian clock; sleeping for most of the day and barely getting any rest at night.

Therapy will benefit those dealing with the symptoms listed above. Therapy will also aid in expressing difficulties in adapting to the changes.

Change can be a beautiful thing, however, if you start to notice changes in behavior due tot the stress, therapy is always recommended. For more information, visit


Mood swings may occur as a reaction to circumstances or environment. Of course moodiness can occur in someone’s life at times of stress and or deadlines. However, those that deal with severe moodiness (frequent), may struggle to balance health and daily function.

What can cause mood swings?

As mentioned before, people may be dealing with deadlines, therefore, increasing stress levels. Other causes of mood swings may consists of:

Lack of sleep
Diet change
Medication symptoms
Shifts in stable environment and or lifestyle.

It is important to understand the difference between mood swings and bipolar. For those that battle with bipolar disorder, they experience manic episodes. It can be expressed as going from a “euphoric state to an irritable state within minutes.” For those that may deal with mood swings, it is considered easier to manage unless it is severe, which then could lead to bipolar disorder.

Mood swings can be difficult to deal with on a daily. At Star point Counseling Center, we can help you find a balance. For example, figuring out how to adjust your schedule to tackle tasks, creating a better sleep schedule and expressing your burdens to find a solution.

Social Anxiety

For those who may suffer from social anxiety, it can cause a person to second guess their social interactions with others.

Those affected with social anxiety often feel uncomfortable in large social gatherings, or small settings with people who are unfamiliar –anyplace out of their comfort zone creates anxiety for them.

Most people that deal with social anxiety, may feel isolated or that their fear is irrational. They may experience other symptoms such as :
– Fear of going places without feeling judged.
– Avoid being the center of attention
– Analyze how you felt after social interactions.

For example, when a person goes to a concert, with their being a big number of people present, it can cause one to feel like they are being watched. Which then triggers their social anxiety.

Regardless of how severe the case may be, you shouldn’t have to deal with it alone. There are tons of resources that can help improve this problem, such as therapy. At Star Point Counseling center, we will target your specific anxiety triggers to help you learn coping mechanisms and deal with the symptoms that follow.

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