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Transforming into a teenager can be a time of pressure. Under the overwhelming demands of this awkward life-stage, young people can find themselves experiencing a range of negative or confusing emotions.

Studies suggest that 10–15 % of young people have depressive symptoms and 3-5% develop serious clinical depression.

Who’s at higher risk of depression

An adolescent exposed to:


Are at higher risk than those that are in a stable household.

Although, it is common for teens to have teen behaviors, it is important to be aware and alert of excessive moodiness.

If you or someone you know is experiencing depression, therapy with a family therapist at Star Point Counseling Center can help.


As a teenager, you experience a hand full of changes. It is common for you to feel like you’re being pulled in every direction to make a choice under pressure. The truth is, it is your life and although, you may want to make the best choice, it can be challenging.

Based on research,

the stage of their brain development, adolescents are more likely to:

  • act on impulse
  • misread or misinterpret social cues and emotions
  • get into accidents of all kinds
  • get involved in fights
  • engage in dangerous or risky behavior

Adolescents are less likely to:

  • think before they act
  • pause to consider the consequences of their actions
  • change their dangerous or inappropriate behaviors

Understanding teen decision-making begins with uncovering how the brain is changing during the adolescent years. At Star Point Counseling center, we can help you understand what stage of maturity you may be at and how parents can aid in influencing.


Infidelity can cause deep-rooted scars, mistrust, and a loss of confidence in one’s partner, oneself, and the relationship, in general.

Affairs/Marital Infidelity - Focus on the Family

A successful relationship often means both people feel stable and secure. It often also requires physical and emotional intimacy. A lack in satisfaction, can increase the infidelity rate.

Changes in behavior can consist of:

-low confidence

The longer an affair lasts, the greater its impact may be. The majority of affairs do not remain secret. This means that fear or resistance to speaking up about an affair may harm both partners in the long term. 

*it is okay to speak up and you will be able to get the help needed.

If your partner has had an affair, couples therapy at Star Point Counseling Center, may help. Partners who choose to rebuild their relationship after an affair may use therapy to help rebuild trust in their relationship.


Dissociation is a disconnection between a person’s memories, feelings, behaviors, perceptions, and/or sense of self

For those who experience mild dissociation, it would be considered as daydreaming or escaping reality for a short period. However, if it is prolonged, it is always important to find out what could have caused this disorder.

Symptoms of prolonged dissociation:





For the most part, numbers have shown the most common cause and or symptom of dissociation is trauma.

dissociation typically affects people who have experienced physical or sexual abuse, kidnapping, a life-threatening car accident, or a natural disaster.

The question you may want to ask yourself is, 

“Is there trauma that may have occurred, that has been swept under the rug?” 

If you find yourself disconnecting from the real world frequently, therapy is always there to help. If you want the help, Star Point Counseling Center, would be a great start. For more information on setting up an appointment, visit


People often describe worrying as a “chain” or “spiral” of repetitive, negative thoughts that may be difficult to redirect. The fears we think about could be present, probable, or purely hypothetical. 

Worrying isn’t necessarily a bad thing. In fact, in certain situations, worry and anxiety can push healthy decision making. However, persistent worries sometimes cause us more distress than the scenario we fretted about in the first place. 

Image result for Worry. Size: 158 x 105. Source:

Effects of excessive worrying consists of:

-panic attacks
-unhealthy eating

While it is beneficial to think about the future, if it starts to cause excessive worries, it can impact your approach in other situations. 

At Star point counseling center, therapy can offer support no matter what your specific worries are. There is no shame in getting the help you need.


Forgiving is a big part of growing in a relationship. Of course no one is perfect, however, taking that step will show dedication to moving on TOGETHER.

Image result for pic of forgiveness

Some couples may feel forgiveness is complicated at first but with patience and time, you will start to see strength in the love for one another. In order for a relationship to thrive, there will be multiple obstacles that are thrown however, it is vital to confront the negative behaviors/issues to figure out what the cause may be.

The same door that keeps out people from hurting you, also keeps out those who want to love you. The door is either open or closed. It’s very difficult to close the door to only one person. Remember not to close your heart out from the one you love most and be open to healing.

Say the words, “I FORGIVE YOU.”
Hearing that validation demonstrates affective communication and not only allows one to be open and honest, but it also improves intimacy, trust and reconnection with one another.

There is always power when you let go.

When you feel like giving up always remember, there is light at the end of the tunnel. Ask yourself, “have I tried everything to save this marriage?” There is always hope within a marriage. Unity and forgiveness will keep the relationship going.


  • What are my main issues?
  • Are we just going through a bad phase?
  • Do you trust each other?
  • How do you truly feel about the relationship?
  • What issues are most important?

Image result for pic of marriage

You are strong enough to make anything work. You are even stronger when you put aside differences to hear each other out and find out the root of the issue to over come it. Going to counseling shows there is still a chance that there is still something to work with, so don’t lose hope.

What is a happy marriage based upon?

The truth is, a “perfect” relationship does not exist. All marriage will require compromise, understanding and patience. It is, however, okay to strive for a happy marriage and the way to do that is by:

*Maintaining a deep friendship- having that deep connection is vital to learn more everyday about one another.

*Having disagreements and conflict- As mentioned before, having a perfect relationship is unrealistic. Having minor issues only makes you human and all you can do is learn and grow from them.

*Support each other’s goals and dreams- In every relationship, there is purpose.

*Work together- Sitting down and trying to understand the opposing side is always a great step however, working together throughout counseling is also going to be required.

Working as a team to resolve issues before getting married will only create a stronger bond and trust. If you would like to take that next step, Star Point Counseling Center can help.

Pre Marriage

Research has shown, Forty-Four percent of couples who are getting married agree to premarital counseling before they take their wedding vows.


*To discuss past issues
*Learn better communication styles
*To discuss potential problems
*Resolve issues
*Discuss finances
*Discuss expectations

Discussing past issues

When you learn how to deal with the past, it can teach you how to improve and handle future issues without reacting in an irrational manner.


As a couple, you should be able to talk about anything. Communication leads to trust and openness.

Discuss potential problems

Believe it or not, counseling brings potential problems to light. It is important to address concerns before they progress into problems in the future.

Discuss finances

Money is a common reason for separation. Discussing how finances will be shared is crucial, in order to establish a mutual understanding. Being comfortable discussing serious topics such as finances will also improve trust.

Discuss expectations

Openly talk about expectations. These expectations are not just what you want, but they are also where you want to live, do you want to buy a new home? Are you trying to start a family or is the career still the focus?

For more information about therapy sessions, visit


Although, irritability is an normal expression, prolonged irritability can be an indication of a mental problem.

Irritability can be caused by stress and interferes with sleep schedule, work, eating and or relationships with others. For those who struggle with this, it could be beneficial to speak to a therapist.

Someone who deals with severe irritability, may have poor coping skills and are not attending to their self-care. Other common symptoms of severe irritability consists of:

  • Bipolar disorder
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Poor stress-management
  • Attention deficit
Feeling More Irritable? This May Be The Reason - Whitney Gordon-Mead

Irritability might also be directed at unrelated individuals, especially in times of depression, anxiety, or stress or when the feeling seems to have no direct cause.

Time may be a necessary factor in overcoming irritability. While attempting to calm emotions, it may be helpful to exercise or otherwise move the body, avoid interactions that might lead to further irritation, and try to find a mood-lifting activity or something to laugh at. Studies show that laughter is generally an effective way to reduce stress and tension.

If these options are not working, therapy can aid in discovering the underlying cause, which may be an outside factor or a mental health condition, addressing the issue, and establishing coping skills. For more information, visit


Believe it or not blended families are very common. Bringing two parents and their children together can be challenging. Children may be used to different parenting styles and family routines.

At times, the transition can be stressful, however it is normal.

The Ugly Truth about Blended Families • This Life in Progress

Most can say, It is hard to balance being liked by a stepchild and parenting them well. It often takes time to adjust to parenthood. It can also take time to gain acceptance from a partner’s children.

As a parent, you have to remember the child(s) is going through the same stress, so you are not alone.

Depending on a child’s past relationships with their biological parents, it will determine how open he or she may be to the next. For example, a child may feel abandoned by a biological parent after a divorce. And when the child starts caring for the stepparent, they may struggle with new emotions.

It’s not always that a child does not want to open up, they just may not know how to. At Star point counseling center, we can help break down that wall and give your family a chance to build a stronger bond and trust.

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