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Pre Marriage

Research has shown, Forty-Four percent of couples who are getting married agree to premarital counseling before they take their wedding vows.


*To discuss past issues
*Learn better communication styles
*To discuss potential problems
*Resolve issues
*Discuss finances
*Discuss expectations

Discussing past issues

When you learn how to deal with the past, it can teach you how to improve and handle future issues without reacting in an irrational manner.


As a couple, you should be able to talk about anything. Communication leads to trust and openness.

Discuss potential problems

Believe it or not, counseling brings potential problems to light. It is important to address concerns before they progress into problems in the future.

Discuss finances

Money is a common reason for separation. Discussing how finances will be shared is crucial, in order to establish a mutual understanding. Being comfortable discussing serious topics such as finances will also improve trust.

Discuss expectations

Openly talk about expectations. These expectations are not just what you want, but they are also where you want to live, do you want to buy a new home? Are you trying to start a family or is the career still the focus?

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