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When dealing with BPD, you experience chronic instability in relationships, extreme emotional reactions, and chronic fear of abandonment.

borderline personality disorder can be stressful and challenging for you and those around you. You may be aware that your emotions, thoughts and behaviors are self-destructive or damaging, yet you feel unable to manage them.

Symptoms of BPD:
-compulsive behavior
-lack of restraint 


The best thing you can do when someone you care about seems to show signs of borderline personality disorder traits is to support them in seeking professional help. 

Your life can change for the better after you take that first step to talk to a therapist at Star Point Counseling center about your suspicion that you have BPD.


According to research, children and young adults placed in foster or adoptive homes may experience significant stress and trauma due to difficulty with the foster care system, problematic placements, and neglectful or abusive foster parents and siblings.

Being adopted into a loving home, may cause a child to fear being given up or neglected.

Children adopted at a young age that are unaware of their birth family, can cause high levels of stress, and anxiety due to not knowing who they are and where they come from.

“Currently, there are approximately 438,000 children in the foster care system in the United States.”

Foster Care Adoption Agencies in Ohio « A Child's Hope International

With attending Star Point Counseling center, many adoptees, foster children, those who have left foster care are able to improve their quality of life and well-being.


Dealing with infidelity can stir up intense emotions, however, the good news is that the majority of relationships not only survive infidelity, but marriage and family therapists have observed that many marriages can become stronger and more intimate after couples therapy. 

Infidelity can be linked to relationship problems such as:

-conflict avoidance

-fear of intimacy

-life cycle changes like the transition to parenthood, and empty nesting. 

Some dissatisfied partners begin an external relationship as a way of exiting an unhappy relationship. While others may do it even with having a healthy relationship.


An emotional affair could mean the unfaithful partner is no longer invested in the relationship. This can be even more damaging than physical. So, Identifying it early can help those in a relationship to discuss their expectations.

If you or someone you know is experiencing distress, therapy with a marriage and family therapist can help and a great place to start is at Star Point Counseling center located in Tampa, Fl & Brandon, Fl.


Health issues affect almost everyone at some point in their lives.

The onset of medical health issues may contribute to feelings of sadness, anxiety, depression, or anger. 

People with mental health issues may report more emotional symptoms and have worse health outcomes. 

This is why keeping stress levels low is necessary to minimize pain. Stress can weaken the immune system, making it more difficult for the body to fight illnesses and infections.

Health issues can cause a person to feel helpless, hopeless and frustrated. Therefore, understanding that a person dealing with a health issue may have high emotions running- they should receive help to cope with the stress.

Flexibility Can Help Employees with Mental Health Issues - HR Daily Advisor

A therapist at Star Point Counseling center can offer emotional support as a person prepares for future challenges.


Emotional overwhelm occurs when the intensity of your feelings outmatches your ability to manage them.

Being emotionally overwhelmed, you may struggle to identify where it is coming from. Often there are many stressors contributing to emotional overwhelm rather than one particular situation.

Image result for EMOTIONAL


  • feeling sick or fatigue frequently
  • Struggle to focus or complete tasks
  • You find yourself distancing from loved ones or close friends.
  • Your reactions are “big” in small situations.
See the source image

Being emotionally overwhelmed is okay from time to time, however, Emotional overwhelm can make it difficult to take care of yourself. You may forget meals, skip rest breaks, or struggle to fall asleep.

Without the proper maintenance of health, it can make it hard to remain rational and can impact social life in a negative way.

At Star Point Counseling center, Therapy is often a helpful way to sort through difficult emotions, especially those that occur as a result of stress or trauma.


Have you ever felt so drained from daily structure and need to figure out how to find your own bliss? Well, believe it or not- it is vey common to break structure every now then to help regain life and energy.

What could be causing fatigue:

Research has shown that the most common causes of fatigue consists of, chronic pain, stress, depression, anxiety and inadequate nutrition.

615,655 Tired Stock Photos, Pictures & Royalty-Free Images - iStock

-Eating disorders

Dealing with any kind of fatigue on a regular basis can be frustrating, especially if it is particularly resistant to your treatment efforts. Working with a therapist can help people cope with the mental health effects of fatigue.

At Star Point Counseling Center in Tampa, FL and Brandon, FL we are currently offering online and over the phone counseling in Tallahassee, Orlando, Jacksonville, and Gainesville, Florida!


How can sensory overload be described as?

Sensory overload can be described as extreme irritability. restlessness and discomfort. urge to cover your ears or shield your eyes from sensory input. feeling overly excited or “wound up.”

What is sensory overload and how can I support individual's sensory needs

Sensory overload happens when something around us overstimulates one or more of our senses. That could be a loud TV, a crowded room, or a noisy, smelly cafeteria. There’s suddenly too much information coming in through our senses for our brain to process.

It is vital that if you ever feel overwhelmed with work, school or responsibilities, take a step back and revisit those tasks because you need a mental break every now and then from what may be causing stress.

Possible signs of sensory overload:
_ Avoiding certain places/tasks
_ Shutting down and not responding to questions
_Frequent complaining
_Covering of the ears

If you find yourself dealing with sensory overload, therapy may suit you. At Star Point Counseling center, therapy can help find ways to decrease the workload and manage time.


Is shopping a hobby or has it become an addiction?

People with shopping addiction often invest excessive time and resources to shop. They may not know what need they are trying to fill, but the compulsion to buy is still strong. 

What resembles shopping addiction:

  • Obsessing about shopping all the time
  • Shopping to improve one’s mood
  • Buying more items to feel the same satisfaction as before 
  • Buying so much one cannot meet daily responsibilities such as school
  • Buying so much it has affected one’s well-being

Shopping addiction can result in compulsive behavior. Which leads to hoarding:

  • An overwhelming desire to own certain items, even when those objects aren’t needed. 
  • A fear of losing (or missing the chance to buy) said item.
  • Unusual meaning and value placed on inanimate objects.

At Star Point Counseling center, therapy can help with compulsive spending. If you are struggling with this, therapy may be a great fit.


spirituality is generally considered to go beyond religion and connect individuals with something larger, such as the universe itself.

Some might describe spirituality as the attempt to understand one’s nature or the meaning of one’s existence, but spirituality is also linked to internal awareness and happiness.

5 Types of Spiritual Healing (& What to Be Careful Of) ⋆ LonerWolf

Spirituality may also describe the attention people pay to their own well-being and that of others. 

For example,

Those who struggle with wellness often show:
-judge themselves and others
-feel unsettled
-lack of inner peace
-feeling of unconcerned

People who have a good spiritual health often:

  • have empathy for others
  • Feel at peace
  • Are very hopeful and optimistic
  • Make it easier to forgive others

Therapists who are aware of therapeutic strategies based in spirituality, may also be able to provide people in therapy with resources on these topics, whether or not they are able to address them personally.


Trust is necessary for society to function. It can play a large role in happiness. Without trust, fear would take over.

Everyone has uncertainty about who to trust and how much. It is not always clear when trust is appropriate. People make choices about whom and how much to trust every day.

Trust Issues - The Biggest Barrier to Remote Working

Having built up trust issues can cause serious problems in a relationship and a relationship should feel secure.


There are signs that are very common amongst those who deal with it on a daily, such as:

-lack of friends
-mistrust that interferes with relationship
-dramatic relationships

Trust issues typically develop from a younger age and increases with time. They can also stem from past trauma, abuse, neglect and or any violations.

It is crucial to know when you are experiencing those feelings that way you can address it and get the help you or a loved one may need.

At Star Point Counseling center, people who seek help for trust issues are often able to regain a sense of trust in others. While, also improving relationships.

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