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How can sensory overload be described as?

Sensory overload can be described as extreme irritability. restlessness and discomfort. urge to cover your ears or shield your eyes from sensory input. feeling overly excited or “wound up.”

What is sensory overload and how can I support individual's sensory needs

Sensory overload happens when something around us overstimulates one or more of our senses. That could be a loud TV, a crowded room, or a noisy, smelly cafeteria. There’s suddenly too much information coming in through our senses for our brain to process.

It is vital that if you ever feel overwhelmed with work, school or responsibilities, take a step back and revisit those tasks because you need a mental break every now and then from what may be causing stress.

Possible signs of sensory overload:
_ Avoiding certain places/tasks
_ Shutting down and not responding to questions
_Frequent complaining
_Covering of the ears

If you find yourself dealing with sensory overload, therapy may suit you. At Star Point Counseling center, therapy can help find ways to decrease the workload and manage time.

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