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Social Anxiety Affordable Counseling Center Tampa, Fl & Brandon, Fl

Social anxiety – also called social phobia, or social anxiety disorder – is a paralyzing and debilitating condition. Those affected with social anxiety often feel uncomfortable in large social gatherings, or small settings with people who are unfamiliar –anyplace out of their comfort zone creates anxiety for them. This often manifested with a fear of embarrassment, becomes so intense that those afflicted with the condition often withdraw from situations that may cause them to be embarrassed. This has the person with social anxiety feeling isolated and alone. Trapped in their comfort zone, not feeling like they can muster the strength to put themselves in situations that make them feel anxious.

Some possible signs and symptoms of social anxiety disorder are:

  • Fear of going places that you will be judged

  • Constantly worrying that you will embarrass yourself

  • Fear of speaking with strangers

  • Nervous that others will notice that you are anxious

  • Fear that you will blush, sweat, or stubble on your words in public

  • Avoid people and situations in fear that you will be embarrassing

  • Avoid being the center of attention

  • Thinking about an activity in advance and being anxious about it

  • Analyzing yourself and how you acted in social situations afterward

  • Always thinking the worst after a social interaction

Most therapists are well equipped to deal with those who suffer from social anxiety. Every person is different and the triggers that bring on the stress and anxiety will vary from person to person. Seeing a therapist helps you to recognize these triggers while finding ways to desensitize yourself to them in the future. This will allow you to better deal with and manage your anxiety on a daily basis.


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