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An Emotional or Online Affair

Most people would define an affair or infidelity as a relationship with a physical component. An emotional affair — or an online affair — can, however, be just as threatening to a long-term relationship or even more so. When one partner in a long-term relationship that is distant or difficult begins to look to someone to a friend, co-worker, or online acquaintance — as their primary source of emotional support and deep personal sharing, they are involved in an emotional affair.

At first they may not intend for this to be a sexual relationship. Contact may be limited to conversations in person or on the phone, or to email or texting. However, the time and energy devoted to the emotional affair drains energy from the long-term relationship. Now problems in the primary relationship are more unlikely than ever to be addressed. “It’s a lot easier for me to talk to him than to my spouse,” the person involved in an emotional affair usually feels. Confiding on a deeper level than with one’s long-term partner seems natural and easy.

If you or your spouse are having an affair or a past affair still hinders your relationship then call Affordable Counseling Center at 813-260-8892 to see on of our Therapists. We have offices in Tampa and Brandon.

Challenges in Marriage

The biggest myth about marriage is that love is all you need, we all heard the song – fact is, you also need the wisdom and willingness to work through life’s challenges together. Problems don’t go away on their own, no matter how much you might love someone. Discussing those problems together reaching understanding and compromise with resolve those challenges. We help teach couples these skills at Star Point Counseling center, we have offices in Tampa and Brandon Florida. Please visit or call us at 813-244-1251 to set an appointment.

Positive Thoughts = Positive Attitude!

Try practicing positive thinking patterns vs. negative thinking patterns. Some people automatically go to negative thought patterns and think the worst, instead of thinking the positively thinking the best.  When people think the worst automatically then the worst case scenario usually plays out because they unwittingly push for that without ever knowing they are doing it.

People who think the best case scenario usually have good things happen to them because their thought process helps play it out positively.

The next time someone says something to you stop and take note if you are thinking worst case or best case scenario. This will give you insight to your thought process.

If you need help with negative thought patterns please call Affordable Counseling Center in Brandon or Tampa Florida at 813-260-8892.

Too Comfy

In a relationship, we sometimes get “comfortable.”  Is that good or bad?  Well, it can be both depending on how it is affecting you and your partner.   When you speak to one another, listen to what is being said. Don’t just hear them, truly listen to what they are saying.  When you begin to get comfortable and get used to each other you may stop speaking to each other like friends.  Aren’t friends pleasant with one another? Playful? Are you nicer to your friends than you are to your spouse?  Speak to your partner in a pleasant manner.  While the conversation topics may change, speak to them nicely and respectfully.

But he/she doesn’t listen to me, you say.  Well, is what you are both doing now working?  But, it was working in the beginning right?  Be pleasant.

If you or your partner find this difficult, we can teach you to fight fair.  Life is too short to not be happy.

Call or text us to schedule an appointment.

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Be the Example

Set the example, your children are watching you.  Even if you think they are not listening or paying attention, they are.  Do not be so naive to think that they do not know what is going on.  Your children want you to be happy.  Are you faking it to make it or hiding behind the truth?  Guess what, your child knows.  They may not know exact details or even what is wrong, but they do know that something is wrong.  Have your children started to act out “out of the blue.”  If you have noticed this happening it may be because they feel your stress. They see their mother or father stressed and it stresses them.  The main difference in adult stress and a child’s stress is that they do not know how to express themselves.  They do not know how to explain that they are sad or frustrated and do not know why, they are being honest when they say they do not know.

Have you been misinterpreting your feelings and thoughts to try to hold a relationship together for the children?  The environment that they are in may be just as overwhelming and stressful to them as it is to you.  Would it be okay with you for your children to be in a relationship like yours when they grow up?  If the answer is no, then this is your opportunity to make it better not only for you, but for them.

Choose to be emotionally healthy this year.

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Feel the Love

Do you find yourself so involved in helping your partner, parents, siblings, or children that you now confuse their “need” and “love” for you? Being needed is not the same as being loved.  Are you able to tell the difference between the two? We must learn to tell when we are not getting our needs met.  It is wonderful to help others when they are in need, but we also must ensure that we are taking care of ourselves so that each aspect of our being is fulfilled.  How will we give if we are empty?  Let’s learn to balance each aspect of our being and learn to feel the love.

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Take a Walk Down Memory Lane

“We need to learn and use techniques and practices that promote healing, learning, and growth.  Adolescence requires the same degree of shepherding required during the terrible twos.  Unfortunately, in many homes, just when they need the shepherding of their parents the most, they are turned off and tuned out from their parents’ lack of expressed approval.  We need to approach our children with an inquiring mind, if we want to be taken into their confidence.  We can’t be so focused on what they are doing wrong that we miss all the good they have going on” (C.S. Belle, 2014).

Do you remember what it was like to be that age? All of the ins and outs of being that age?  Would you go back and live it again?  You couldn’t pay most of us to re-live those moments.  So… for just a moment, think back to what it was like when you were your son/daughter’s age.  What was it like? What did you struggle with?  Now, look at your son/daughter with your new lenses and try to be to them who you needed when you were their age. Don’t know how or where to start?

Take that first step and give us a call.  We can help.

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Quoted directly from:

Therapy in Action with Insights and Strategies for Anyone Living or Working with Trouble Kids, by C.S. Belle.

Get your copy here:

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