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Marriage Counseling

Every relationship is bound to experience highs and lows, and that’s normal when you’re in a relationship as close as a marriage. Determining whether your marriage is experiencing a small bump in the road or if it’s something more serious that requires professional counseling may be easier than you think.

Even the best marriage can suffer normal wear and tear over the years. If it shows signs of breaking down and you and your spouse growing apart, professional marriage counseling is often the best next step. A good counselor can guide you toward getting the relationship back on the right track by identifying what the real issues are and then helping you to implement solutions.

Marriages tend to change over time, especially when faced with a major transition, such as one partner going back to school, when you’re expecting your first child, or you’re suffering the loss of a family member. A good marriage counselor can help you to get through these changes so that you can find your relationship’s new normal and regain focus on each other.

Even if you feel that your marriage is in good shape, counseling may be able to make it great. Getting the perspective of an objective professional can help you to keep your relationship with your spouse running smoothly.

We can help. Call us to schedule your marriage counseling session and begin making your relationship great again.

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Sending & receiving ~ good vibes

Believe it or not there’s a science behind “good vibes” and ways to draw them into your life. The law of attraction states, in simple terms, that the energy you put into the universe will dictate the world around you. So, in theory, if you simply think positive thoughts and send positive vibes out into the universe, your life will be better.

Think about it, how many times have you stubbed your toe getting out of bed, or spilled your coffee in the morning and had your whole day go downhill from there? It’s the law of attraction. As you stub your toe or spill your coffee, you’re sending negative energy out into the universe. After that, the universe will respond to your negative energy with more negativity.

When you have a brighter outlook on life and your future, it only makes sense that a bright future will follow.  So, be confident in what you want to ask the universe to give you; make sure you want it with your whole heart and soul. Then, visualize what you want as if it’s already yours, and imagine sending a mental picture of it out into the universe. Be confident, keep a positive state of mind and imagine that you already have it. The stronger your faith, the quicker your reward will come to you. In addition, don’t forget to be grateful; thank the universe for all of the wonderful things you’ve received in your life this far. This will increase your positive state of mind and send more good vibes out into the universe.


Couples Counseling

Communication skills are a great skill in any relationship. Assertive Communication is the best way to communicate versus aggressive, passive aggressive or passive  communication

Fully listen to your spouse before formulating your thoughts, you can even repeat back to them “so I think I am hearing you say……….. is this correct”. Then formulate your thoughts and then speak. A lot of times we will start formulating our thoughts before the other person is done talking and then we do not full understand what they are saying.

. When talking to your spouse speak in a non emotional calm voice and tell your spouse how you feel. Do not tell them what they are doing wrong, in your mind, blaming them in a loud or aggressive voice.

If you feel you will benefit from couples counseling in the Tampa Bay area please visit our web site  or call us at 813-260-8892.

Are you in love or in love with the idea of love?

Often times we think we are in love, but in reality we are so caught up with the idea of love and being love that we confuse the two.

These are some signs that you are in love with the idea of love:

1. You believe your life will begin once you have the love of your life. Your life and happiness revolves around finding your significant other.

2. You’re dreaming of your wedding and the life you’ll have with someone, and you’re just looking for someone to fit into that role, not the other way around. You are fixated on what the relationship can do for you, not what you can give to it.

3. You know you don’t really love them, but you’re holding on to the love they give. You’re often times find yourself convincing yourself that you’re in love

4. You have this inclination to want to change your partner or drag things out when you know it’s not going to work out in the long-run.

5. You’re never single for too long. You don’t take the necessarily time to heal after a failed relationship. You just jump from one to the next.

6. You can’t seem to take it slow, even when you try to. All of a sudden you become obsessed with the other person, you’re around them all the time, you are literally addicted to the feeling of being with them.

Communication Skills

Proper communication starts with fully listening and understanding what the other person is saying to you before you formulate your thoughts and speak. When talking to someone, tell them what you want to say without yelling or getting upset. Do not verbally attack the other person, talk in a calm tone and stick to one subject. If you would like a Therapist help you and your spouse with communication skills please call Star Point Counseling Center at 813-244-1251 to set an appointment.

6 Must-Haves For Relationship Compatibility.

You don’t have to be 100% compatible in order for a long-term relationship to work, but there are a few areas that will be beneficial to have partner compatibility. You can have a successful relationship if you only a few of the things listed below, but you will find that your relationship will have greater smooth sailing the more attributes you share or have in common.

Here are the 6 must-haves for an easier and less stressful relationship:

  1. Timeliness and punctuality. If one of you is punctual and the other isn’t, this is a recipe for an argument. You can both be punctual or even both always be late, but if one of you are not punctual then it always leaves the other unhappy.
  2. Cleanliness and orderliness. People who are usually neat and orderly find it a challenge to live with someone who is a slob. Those who don’t put much time or effort into cleanliness and orderliness usually don’t care that it actually may mean something to others.
  3. Money and spending. More couples argue about money and finances than anything else. If one partner is a spender and the other is a saver, that could mean trouble down the road when you’re planning for life’s bigger purchases, such as a house, cars or your children’s future education. Couples who are on the same page with money and finances have less stressful of a relationship.
  4. Sex and intimacy. Usually the second most thing that a couples argues about is not being on the same page with your needs and desires. It is important to discuss your needs and desires with each other to figure out if you are sexually compatible long-term.
  5. Life priorities and tempo. Some people are laid-back and may not let stress get to them, while others take every one of life’s challenges to heart and get stressed easily. Some people value work, seeing no problem in working 12-hour days, while others value spending time with the family and children. Having the same tempo and priorities will minimize the arguments about these issues.
  6. Spirituality and religion. Couples who come from two different religious backgrounds have a more difficult time making their relationship work, especially if there are kids involved.

The more you and your partner share in these six characteristics, the smoother going your romantic life is going to be, although nobody and no relationship is perfect. When you and your partner are both on the same page about things it makes the relationship run more smoothly and you both are better at handling whatever life throws at you.

For more information on how we can help you and your partner get on the same page and create a more smooth sailing type of relationship visit our website! 

Diagnosing an Unhealthy Relationship.


When someone loves you it may be hard to distinguish if it is a healthy love or a tainted one. Here are six key differences:

  1. Giving freely vs. giving to get. Real love is the desire to give to your partner without expecting something in return. When love is tainted, giving is just a way of getting something in return.
  2. Knowing each other vs. changing each other. Healthy love is getting to know each other more and more every day. Tainted love is trying to change someone into something they aren’t, without caring who you are.
  3. Privacy vs. exposure. Real love creates areas in the relationship that are private, while tainted love makes your weaknesses the butt of jokes and details of private, intimate events are shared with anyone.
  4. Repair vs. revenge. If your love is real then arguments become learning experiences and opportunities to grow. Tainted love involves blaming, revenge and getting even.
  5. Shared goals vs. selfishness. Healthy love involves making goals together and encouraging each other to reach their goals and dreams. Unhealthy love asks you to sacrifice your dreams.
  6. Desire vs. guilt. Healthy love creates the desire to get to know your partner, spend time with them, make them happy, and fulfill their needs. Tainted love, instead, demands things and uses guilt to get what it wants.

There are many ways to differentiate between a healthy and unhealthy relationship. If you are interested to learn more or if you recognize that you are in an unhealthy relationship and may not know what the next step should be, call us today!

Star Point Counseling Center (813)244-1251 

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