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Relax, Don’t Stress


Did you know that there are a few simple methods you can use in order to reduce the negative symptoms of stress? Here are four easy methods to try today:

  • Positive self-talk

Instead of using negative self-talk (“I’m a failure,” or “I’m not good enough”) which decreases motivation and self-esteem, utilize positive self-talk (“I’m going to do well,” “I am great.”) which will increase your self-esteem and the drive to achieve your goals.

  • Emergency Stress Stoppers

Emergency stress stoppers are tools that help you deal with stress on the spot. For example, take three to five deep breaths before reacting, walk away, or count to ten before saying something you might regret.

  • Finding Pleasure

Make time to feel good when stress gets you down. Do at least one thing daily that you enjoy doing, and do it for at least 15 minutes. Activities like reading, sewing, or playing sports are surefire ways to get you in a good mood and battle stress.

  • Daily Relaxation

Watching TV can make you feel relaxed, but for this method we mean doing something that eases the tension stress can cause in your mind and body. Good examples of relaxation are yoga, tai chi (a series of slow, graceful movements) and meditation. In addition, a good skill to practice at the beginning or end of your day is deep breathing. You can achieve this by sitting comfortably in a chair, and taking slow, deep inhales and exhales for about five to ten minutes per day.

When in doubt, seek counseling. Counseling can help you to identify your stressors and learn effective ways to manage them so that you can focus on the positive things in your life, and keep pushing forward to your goals.

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Teen Pregnancy & Mental Health


Low self-esteem, early use of alcohol and drugs, and living in a home with frequent family conflict are some of the risk factors that increase the likelihood of teen pregnancy. Additionally, adolescent girls with a major mental health disorder are three times more likely to get pregnant than those without a mental illness. According to a study published in the journal Pediatrics, pregnancy rates among girls with bipolar disorder, schizophrenia or major depression were not only three times higher, but they also have been declining at a far slower pace than those for adolescent females without a mental health diagnosis. 

“Although we do know some of the risk factors behind why girls with mental health illness may be at increased risk of becoming pregnant, pregnancy-prevention programs in most developed countries have not traditionally considered mental health issues,” said lead author of the study Dr. Simone Vigod, a psychiatrist at Women’s College Hospital in Toronto.

“Girls with major mental health problems are more likely to have social problems and drug and alcohol problems — problems with impulsivity, feeling badly about themselves,” she said. For example, a teen suffering from depression may find it difficult to protect herself from pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections with a boyfriend because of low self-esteem. The problem here is the teen girl is experiencing negative feelings about herself to the point that she is unable to assertively advocate the use of condoms or abstinence.

Interventions such as targeted school-based sex-education programs, and greater integration of reproductive care into adolescent mental health care programs are highly recommended. Seeking mental health counseling for your teen, and utilizing these programs will help to reduce teenage pregnancy.

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