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Children with unruly behavior

Unruly or rowdy children can be very challenging to handle. It is, sometimes, next to impossible to discipline such children. Here are some very important tips on how to handle unruly children.
Set Clear Boundaries
Set clear boundaries at home and make your child understand that boundaries are supposed to be respected. Fix limits for your unruly child and let him/her know what exactly is expected out of him/her.
Earn The Respect Of Your Child
Be stern and firm on what you say and try to earn the respect of your child. Lack of respect will make your child question your authority and defeat the whole purpose of setting boundaries in the first place.
Carry Out Your Threats
Warnings and threats are to be carried out when it comes to disciplining unruly children. If you want to be taken seriously, do what you say and show your children that you mean it.
Understand Your Child’s Insecurities
At times, unruly behavior stems from the insecurities entrenched in a child’s mind. You need to understand the cause behind your kid’s behavior. If there are hidden insecurities, you need to talk it out with your child and give him/her the much needed comfort.

If you are having a hard time with your child and need parenting help call Star Point Counseling Center at 813-244-1251 to set an appointment to see one of our therapists so they can help you and your child get on the right track.

C.S. Belle

C.S. Belle has published Therapy in Action With Troubled Kids. It is now available in paper back in all of the book stores. This is a must read book for Teachers, Day Care Workers, DCF Employee’s, Therapists, Child Psychologists, Parents and anyone who has or works with children. This book is very insightful and intuitive and comes from Clarissa’s experience as a therapist working in corrections, Juvenile Detention Center’s and child and family therapy.

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How Does Your Parenting Style Affect Your Kids?

Angry mother scolding daughter clutchin teddy bear in living room

Believe it or not, parenting styles play a huge role in how children develop into adults and how successful they may turn out to be. Having a good parenting style can increase your success for raising mature adults with a great deal of leadership and life potential.

Here are four main parenting styles and how they might affect your children:

  1. Authoritarian parenting. Categorized by sticking to the rules, a great deal of control, and a dominating style. This type of parent is a disciplinary with harsh punishments. Teenagers of these authoritarian parents may lack some of the critical social and communication skills that are key for leadership. These children also tend to become authoritarian as well, both as parents and in their interpersonal relationships.
  2. Neglectful parenting. This style is when parents don’t play much of the parenting role. They spend little to no time with the children and are okay with letting the T.V and video games entertain their children. Children of neglectful parents have trouble following rules, because they have never been raised to follow an rules. They also may have behavior problems, lack self-control and communication skills.
  3. Indulgent parenting. These parents are attentive and provide a great deal of warmth and interaction, but have few rules and limitations. Indulgent parents are more friends with their children than parents, and they have more of an “anything goes” attitude about things. This parenting style leads to higher levels of creativity in children, but there is little self-control, few boundaries, and the may feel a sense of entitlement.
  4. Authoritative Parenting. This is the gold standard of parenting. Authoritative parents encourage their children to be independent , but they also set limits and boundaries. They also may discipline their children but not in a harsh way. This parenting style leads to higher leadership potential, and highly developed social skills, self-control, and self-reliance.

It is important to learn what parenting style works best for your family, but it is also crucial that you are aware of how your parenting styles can affect your children. If you notice that your child may be lacking certain skills and are having behavioral problems because of your parenting styles then seek help from a Licensed Mental Health Counselor. We can work with you and your child to teach tools and techniques for gaining important skills such as self-control, communication skills, and social skills.

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Parenting Angry Teens.


Are you dealing with an angry teen and don’t know how to handle it? Below are some tips that might help you get through it.

Hang in there. Parents who hang in there, who continue to express love and concern, who continue to insist on knowing where their kids are going and with whom, who include their teens in family events, and who stubbornly refuse to give up are the parents who generally manage to save their kids.

Take it seriously, but not personally. Usually teens do have things to be angry at, but it usually is something blown out of proportion. Don’t take things to heart. If there is something that you may have done wrong, then apologize. An honest apology and genuine efforts to make the family a better place to be can set the family in a new direction. It will take time.

The kid is just as scared as you are. Kids often use hostile moods as a cover up for fear. Children can get very overwhelmed with life. Instead of showing their vulnerability, they talk ad act like a big shot. 

Understand teen depression. Irritability and explosiveness are sometimes symptoms of depression.  If your teen’s mood seems unreasonable given his or her situation, it is important to get help from a counselor. 


The counselors at Star Point can help your child through the stages of change, to increase compliance with rules and laws, encourage positive peer selection, improve academic status, and overall goal directed behavior. We can also help open communication by encouraging the expression of negative thoughts, feelings, and beliefs that compromise your child’s sense of well being.

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Don’t Let Parenting Drown Your Marriage.


Between household chores, jobs, extracurricular activities for the kids, and all the other responsibilities that are on your plate you are often left with no time for your marriage. You don’t get to talk much, you only see each other right before bed when you are exhausted, and you’ve become less and less intimate over time. Although you are doing an outstanding job with your parenting and it is understandable that you have little time for yourselves, you must take the time to reconnect with your partner. 

A few simple changes can help shift the focus from the kids back to the marriage:

  1. Establish a date night. Set aside one evening per week for a romantic date night. If you can’t manage to get a sitter for the night then give the kids an activity to do that will keep them occupied for a couple hours and tell them not to bother the two of you while you have dinner together. 
  2. Reconsider the kid’s schedule. Don’t overload your schedules with extracurricular activities, instead let each child have only one activity at a time so you have more time to do other things as a family and couple.
  3. Balance kid time and couple time. Take turns staying in the the kids while one of you goes out with friends. But make sure you also have those date nights too so your not just seeing each other when your handing off the kids. 
  4. Find an activity you can enjoy together. Find a dance class, a favorite hiking spot, or just go out to dinner with your friends. Anything that you enjoy doing together and that will give you something to talk about instead of issues with the kids. 
  5. Intimacy. You don’t have time? Well make some. Get the children to bed, turn off the computers and TV and spend some quality time together. Decompress, talk about your day, give each other a back rub, or be sexually intimate.
  6. Make plans. There is no need for spontaneity all the time, especially when you have children. Relationships take maintenance and planning, make some room in your schedule and fit some plans in. 

Reconnecting takes a re-evaluation of priorities and making some changes in your schedules. To preserve and grow their relationship, the adults need to take care of their own needs as well as their children’s. 

Check out our website for more tips on maintaining your marriage, and how we can help you reconnect with your partner.

Parenting Skills Offered

Affordable Counseling offers help with parenting skills…

We teach and demonstrate effective parenting skills and techniques that will help you to break through the communication barriers that may be undermining your authority in the home.

Either parent may be inadvertently feeding into the fever of non-compliance, triangulation, manipulation, arguments, willfulness, poor academic status, school referrals, poor peer selection, and other problems you may be facing with your adolescent or child.

While we believe that the luckiest children are those who have grandparents and other extended family involvement, we also address parenting concerns and boundary issues, stemming from meddling or any staying extended family members – including the often dreaded “in-laws.”

We understand the excitement and challenges that come with blended families as well, and want to help you to help each other make adjustments to the changes that occur when two families join under one roof.

Owner Profile- Clarissa Crystal Belle, LMHC


Clarissa Crystal-Belle Licensed Mental Health Counselor (LMHC), is co-founder and the Executive Clinical Director at Star Point Counseling Center. She has over 20 years of clinical therapy experience and has been a Licensed Mental Health Counselor (LMHC) since 1997.

With Clarissa’s extensive experience providing counseling and therapy for children, teens, individuals, couples, and families.  She has helped many people with issues of depression, stress, anxiety, relationships, marriage and family dynamic issues, separation and divorce, grief and loss, parenting skills, PTSD, repeated negative behavior as well as addictions.
For more information on Clarissa’s extensive counseling experience, visit our website at

Affordable Counseling of Brandon

Affordable Counseling of Brandon is a new counseling center in Brandon Florida that offers quality mental health counseling at an affordable price. Co-founders Clarissa Crystal-Belle and Sam DiFranco wanted to develop a place where people could get the help that they need even with income restrictions. Affordable Counseling employs several Interns, Registered Mental Health Counselor Interns, and Licensed Mental Health Counselors (LMHC) to meet your mental health needs.

We have experience in many areas such as anxiety, depression, life transitions, marriage and family counseling, trauma, grief and loss, separation and divorce, parenting, troubled teens, alternative lifestyles, domestic violence, feelings of being overwhelmed, veterans of war, addictions, and many more!

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