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Forgiving is a big part of growing in a relationship. Of course no one is perfect, however, taking that step will show dedication to moving on TOGETHER.

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Some couples may feel forgiveness is complicated at first but with patience and time, you will start to see strength in the love for one another. In order for a relationship to thrive, there will be multiple obstacles that are thrown however, it is vital to confront the negative behaviors/issues to figure out what the cause may be.

The same door that keeps out people from hurting you, also keeps out those who want to love you. The door is either open or closed. It’s very difficult to close the door to only one person. Remember not to close your heart out from the one you love most and be open to healing.

Say the words, “I FORGIVE YOU.”
Hearing that validation demonstrates affective communication and not only allows one to be open and honest, but it also improves intimacy, trust and reconnection with one another.

There is always power when you let go.

When you feel like giving up always remember, there is light at the end of the tunnel. Ask yourself, “have I tried everything to save this marriage?” There is always hope within a marriage. Unity and forgiveness will keep the relationship going.

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